Our Officers

Here are the officers for 2011-2013:

  1. Ira Escarilla-Carnate
  2. Noel Gallego
  3. Gerardo Guevara
  4. Geralyn Jover-Ledesma
  5. Ragnar Ledesma
2011 Election Procedures
UPSSF Board of Directors
Board members will be elected from those nominated by voting-members. A candidate should be a voting-member to be eligible. Nomination may be submitted by the candidate or by others on the candidate’s behalf via e-mail. However, the nomination should be accepted by the candidate via e-mail or phone. A list containing the names of all candidates nominated will be posted in the SILAK-SILAB Foundation’s website and e-mailed to the e-groups. Each voting-member may cast a vote for up to 5 candidates by sending an e-mail to the designated e-mail address below. A voting-member can cast only one vote for each candidate.
Election will be by plurality vote. The five candidates with the highest vote total will be elected to the Board. The first three candidates with the highest vote total will serve a term of two years while the next two candidates will serve a term of one year in accordance with Section 5.02(B) of the U.P. SILAK-SILAB Foundation’s By-Laws.
In case of a tie-vote for the third and fourth or fifth and sixth position for the highest vote, a run-off election will be administered for those candidates with tied total votes.
The time line for conducting the Board of Directors selection follows:
Aug 05
  • Nomination for the UPSSF Board of Directors is open.
  • Nominee candidates can accept/decline his nomination.
  • Nominee candidates who accepted their nomination can begin campaigning.
  • A list of nominee candidates will be updated in UPSSF e-groups daily
Aug 12
  • Nomination is due
Aug 15
  • Deadline for nominee candidate to accept/decline nomination
 Aug 16
  • List of candidates will be posted in the website and e-mailed to the UPSSF e-groups.
 Aug 20-21
  • Election date/Ballots due on the 21st 11:59 PM PT
Aug 22
  • New UPSSF Board of Directors are announced
e-mail: upssf.elect@yahoo.com
phone:  (312) 375-7531 or (847) 962-4402